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fink update-all を実行すると
Downloading the file "gtk+2.0_2.16.5-1.diff.gz" failed.


fink configure を実行します。


The Fink team maintains mirrors known as "Master" mirrors, which contain the
sources for all fink packages. You can choose to use these mirrors first, last,
never, or mixed in with regular mirrors. If you don't care, just select the

(1) Search "Master" source mirrors first.
(2) Search "Master" source mirrors last.
(3) Never use "Master" source mirrors.
(4) Search closest source mirrors first. (combine all mirrors into one set)

What mirror order should fink use when downloading sources? [1] 1

Choose a continent:

(1) Africa
(2) Asia
(3) Australia
(4) Europe
(5) North America
(6) South America, Middle America and Caribbean

Your continent? [2] 5

Choose a country:

(1) No selection - display all mirrors on the continent
(2) Bahamas
(3) Canada
(4) Mexico
(5) United States

Your country? [1] 5


Choose a mirror for 'Debian':

(1) Current setting:
(2) United States:

Mirror for Debian? [1] 2